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When are you coming to visit?

When I can dig myself out of this hole, Dad.

Something has happened to my father. I think the 48 years have caught up with him, that he could have a conversation about life with me that lasted longer than a cigarette.

Carie, you have to get out of there. You have to do something with your life, even if it means spending years in school.

He told me he�s going to burn this and burn that for me. I tried to convince him to give Whitley another shot, because much to my dismay, he�d already canceled him. I�ll have my CD�s by the end of the week, because he�s always been good like that. What ever he says he�s going to do, he does... it�s just the getting him to say what he�s going to do.

How long are you going to stay there, Weese?

As long as it takes to dig myself out of this hole, Dad.

Just like my dad, except this time he really was my dad, and not some fading memory of sailing and lawn mowing, baseball and painting.

I still have that painting you left here. That long one? I think it�s in the garage.

. . .

My family is in California. Maybe it�s just time I went back.

7:37 p.m. - 2002-10-15


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