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Disrespectfully Decine.

i wish for uninterrupted time to write. i'm tired and cranky. i'm tired of trying to pick up pieces of something broken, and not getting any help.

i'm beginning to think that maybe if i pretend he's dead, it will make it easier on both of us.

i respectfully decline your invitation

i want words to go with my problems. i want little boxes to put them in with pretty, hand written labels. white labels, black ink, maybe a small design on one of the corners, none of them matching.

i would put each issue in its own box, label it, and mail it off to its owner.

'here. you gave me this two years ago. i'm done with it. you may have it back now.'

even in the end, when you can easily blame other people for your problems, all the boxes in all of the packages would make their way back to your house.

i disrespectfully decline your invitation of friendship

6:13 p.m. - 2002-03-07


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