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Plans have been confirmed, phone calls have been made, promises have been kept and will be delivered this week.

A long conversation with my brother, a shorter conversation with my dad, and a clip with my grandmother who is actually excited about me moving in with her.

I feel like I�m going to have to rebuild her faith in humanity, as my cousins who have lived with her before took advantage, on every point they could. I�ll be good, and helpful, and patient, because my dad is almost out of that.

I�ll be there in time for the opening at the Crocker. My brother did some work for a show going on at the end of January... he�ll be on display before me. I should be jealous, but I�m not. I think that�s because I�ve made my dreams smaller and my wants are not consuming.

Instead of stressing about having a plan, I think I�ve finally accepted that I just don�t have one. I have no over riding desire to do anything right now. I just want to enjoy my life.

There are many places to take my paintings, and places to meet people, and exist without always feeling like an outsider.

God help me, I love Dr. Dre.

6:37 p.m. - 2002-12-29


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