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When I was little, my dad purchased a semi-life sized plastic light up Santa. For reasons which she will not disclose, my mother hated it.

Every year, my dad would climb up on the roof and secure Santa to the chimney, and when we would come home there he would be, in all of his plastic-ness.

I was sitting outside looking at the lights, and I couldn�t remember what happened to Santa. As I came inside, I yelled, �Dude. What happened to the plastic Santa?�

�I gave it to the Good Will.�

�You did what?!?!? That was an institution of my childhood!�

�Carie, you were standing right there when I asked you if you wanted to keep it, or if you wanted to give it away.�

�Damn it. Was I drunk?�


�God. I swear that everything I�ve ever regarded as holy has been given away.�

Now I�m sitting here, missing plastic Santa only because he�s just always been there.

7:45 p.m. - 2002-12-21


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