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If it's cold outside, kitten... come on in out of the cold.

it�s going to be a slim christmas

i�m seriously considering going somewhere after the 15th and giving up my dream of having a dresser. seriously, i�ve been digging panties out of a cardboard box for 2 months. a ticket to SF is $238. it�s 15.5 hours to omaha. it�s 9 hours to denver.

the phone will be available from 8:16 pm - 9:00 pm

i�m tired of adhering to other people�s social calendars, and am considering becoming unavailable.

recently, i was thinking about similar characteristics between people i�ve had relationships with. the only one i could come up with was low self esteem. that doesn�t speak highly of me. many themes repeat themselves. currently, we have �emotionally unavailable� showing on screen 2.

i had coffee with god on Wednesday night. i thought about expanding, or explaining, but really, what�s the point?

i forget how old i am a lot. just last night, i thought i was 30, but then i remembered i was only 25... shit! who in the hell am i going to be at 30?

i�m exhausted from feeding corporate companies. it�s a shame that i suck so well at being at artist. i�ve never been into that hole, that gigantic black hole, failure looming about every corner... i refuse to acknowledge it most of the time. always. we were raised to think that what you should do for the rest of your life should be what you love. and, when i go to work, i feel like i�m cheating on a husband i don�t have. i�m in it for the sex.

when i got into work this morning, there was a little note on my monitor:

I appreciate your creativity and artistic flair.

i guess all of those black clothes paid off

the phone is now unavailable

9:01 p.m. - 2001-03-04


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