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I want a real life hug.

I want someone to warm up soup for me, and make me go to bed. I want someone to take me seriously, and laugh at how ridiculous some of my ideas are, but run with me. I want to build a fort under my kitchen table. I want someone to trace the lines on the palm of my hand and to know that they�re supposed to pretend to read the future there. I want someone who always has stamps because I always forget to buy them. I want someone to carry a pen for the scraps of paper in my bag. I want �Ooohhs� and �Aaahhhs� when I make someone look at something I�ve done. I want to trade books, and I want someone who can read Atlas Shrugged without getting bored, taking what�s important out and leaving the rest behind. I want someone to tell me exactly how they feel, leaving out the if�s and the but�s.

I want to throw this list away and I want it all to stop.

12:42 p.m. - 2002-12-17


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