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Not really a conversation.

I like my one line entries the best. They are the one zinger I get a day. My allowance of funny.
I had a really good "your mom" earlier, but no one got it. Kind of like my movie quotes.
But the one liners here, I am proud of those.
I have been making Elliott sit through old cartoons before bed. Apparently, I can't paste a link in here and I don't feel like fucking with HTML, but if you really want to know, Mickey Mouse The Jazz Fool. He smiled the whole time. This is me culturing my son... I am a terrific mom.
I keep thinking of things I don't like, and then immediately forgetting them.
It was 70 here today. My body is confused. And so are the birds.
Everybody can make me laugh hard, because that's how I laugh. That was the thing that was all over my good bye card from my last job, we will miss your laugh. I like good laughs, too. That's a common human thing, it's contagious. You hear a good laugh and start laughing. I laugh all the time. I don't think I could pick up Shawn's laugh at this moment. Or your laugh, but I like to imagine it, so maybe I could.
I should be eating the calorie allotment for my entire day for dinner, but it's late. Friday is the day I can eat whatever I want. And Saturday morning, I let myself have pancakes. Or Starbucks, but not both!
This. I wanted this to be a one liner. But I'm just talking to myself. I would tell you all of this stupid shit if you were outside with me. This is going to be a long time. Thinking about that is what makes me sad now.
I really love it when you say things like, "If I ever wanted you to shut up." I wonder what you see in me to say that, and I get hopeful that there is still something good inside.

6:37 p.m. - 2013-01-25


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