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Almost pretty.

I think I might have a nice back, actually. I have grown a dip, where there should be a dip, and I can almost see my shoulder blades. It's funny that it never occurred to me that it is a decent looking body part. Especially since it is the pictures of my back that I pull out to show people how much weight I have lost.
I thought I saw myself as pretty earlier, too. After I took a shower I brushed my hair back, and I looked almost presentable without makeup. I never realize what a difference it makes until I see myself without it.
I might be running out of good things to write. It's so hard to be present when you are so busy looking at the future. I wasn't really present today.
You could try to find the constellations on my back. No one has ever.

7:10 p.m. - 2013-01-21


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