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I can't stand chipped or worn nail polish,
I obsessively check my face for misplaced hairs.
I obsessively drink water while at work, but constantly forget when I am home.
Elliott has figured out how to make himself burp repeatedly and has started talking in burps. I have to not laugh so I don't encourage it, but it's really hard. I failed at it three times today so far.
I fell asleep while filing my nails.
My laundry has become too complicated for me. I miss the days of warm and cold. Now I have warm, cold, delicate, cold without fabric softener and too many things that can't go in the dryer. It's an all day process.
I am not watching Thomas tonight. Elliott can have the world's biggest fit and we will watch something else.
It's going to be at least another hour before my nails are dry. It sucks trying to be perfect, perfectly manicured, pedicured, plucked and tweezed.
I hope you like feet.

4:41 p.m. - 2013-01-12


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