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I think about asking you to run away with me, but you would want to go to the snow and I have that here.

. . .

I want eucalyptus smell, and chowder on the warf, and Ocean Beach. I want to pass out cigarettes on Haight, and spend the right amount of time at Amoeba, and the right amount of time at Roma.

I want the store fronts at Union Square drunk and walking. I want the Silver Guy to scare you.

I want the Firehouse through new eyes, and cool as fuck John�s laugh. I want the red headed guy to ask me for my number instead of just telling me he�d miss my laugh.

I want the sexual tension created by proximity and smell. I want the 2 seconds before your lips touch mine stretched into infinity plus one.

I want to ask you how to spell something.

. . .

Road, river and rail
�So embarrased, I�m not sure at all�, lies mother�s daughter
Truth is she found love

10:37 a.m. - 2002-12-05


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