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Heaven and Hell.

i had a conversation with my sister last night at dinner, and it went something like this:

C is me, L is Lauren, M is my Mom.

L: you�re going to hell because you�re not a christian

C: how do you know i�m not a christian?

L: are you a christian?

C: (looking at my mother) what is the definition of christian?

M: someone who believes that christ died for our sins

C: then i am not a christian

L: then you�re going to hell

C: that means i believe in hell. ask me if i believe in hell.

L: do you believe in hell?

C: no. ask me if i believe in heaven.

L: do you believe in heaven?

C: no.

L: then you�re still going to hell.

it�s really fun sometimes to blow the mind of a 6 year old. it would be more fun if there was actually logic in her brain.

i started doing this thing with her after i pick her up from day care. she gets in the car and hits me on the arm, then we start screaming at the top of our lungs. it lasts until i get tired and my head hurts, but it keeps me from yelling at her when i get home. she thinks it�s funny. then, i drive without using my hands.

today, she asked me if she could be crazy. i had to contain myself. she said, sometimes, i just need to be crazy. i said, ok. be crazy. then, she ran around the house screaming.

8:16 p.m. - 2002-02-04


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