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There is no forcing the jukebox in my mind. It plays what is wishes, and puts songs on repeat for no reason at all. I�ve tried to steer it towards something a little more upbeat from Goodnight Elisabeth. I think I�ve tricked it, by easing it into some easy hook. Fucker. It never listens to me.

I�m not policing what you think and dream
I run into your thought from across the room

I�m losing the hearing from my right ear. Everything sounds like it�s under water, unless it�s at 6 in my headphones, unless it�s screaming children running through my house, unless it�s the squeaking that�s started from the tape deck of my car.

Just another trick
Can I weather this

�You have this intense look of concentration on your face.�

�Yeah. I�m trying not to hang up on this speaker-phone-using-calling-in-for-someone-who�s-too-fucking-lazy-to-stay-on-the-phone bitch.�

I�ve got a fever above my waist
You�ve got a squeeze box on your knee

I haven�t bothered to work in a couple of months. Every idea but one has decided to leave the building, not that there were that many hanging around. It�s frustrating doing things that just sit in a basement for the cat�s enjoyment.

I know the truth is in between the 1st and 40th drink

This shit isn�t going any where. Nothing funny or even slightly amusing has happened to me. I wanted to rant about respect, but there�s so little of that, the target audience wouldn�t even watch it fly over their head. I wanted to rant about karma, but no one would fucking get it. I wanted to write about the books I�ve been reading, but I dropped out of school for a reason. I wanted to bitch about my waffling on everything, but then I waffled. I wanted to write about my procrastination problem, but I�m just going to put it off.

I wanted to write about how goddamn fucking lazy I am, but...

4:02 p.m. - 2002-11-20


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