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I�d like to know when my charmed life starts. When getting up in the morning doesn�t mean some huge amount of effort on my part. When my keyboard starts functioning, and my cigarettes start tasting better.

My camera would start working, and I could take this song off of repeat.

I�d like to know when I can stop making decisions that impact the rest of my life, and change is easy. When change is simple.

So why�d you come home
To this sleepless town
It�s a life time commitment
To recovering the satellites
All anybody really wants to know is...
When you gonna come down

Ambition is a by-product of faith. Have faith and you can make choices that have risk, thus, you have more ambition.

But when you find everything comfortable, and your beliefs become more like mantras, and you have to start marking yourself with the things you believe in, it all kind of crumbles, and your entries start having a myriad of typos.

She sees shooting stars and comet tails
She�s got heaven in her eyes
She says I don�t need to be an angel
But I�m nothing if I�m not this high

Fuck this. And Fuck that.

I just need someplace to go. I don�t mind the snow any more, I just want a decent hockey team, a nice grocery store, and cheap smokes. A job, maybe. An art school, possibly. Or maybe just someone who had the time and the patience to believe in me again, and enough. What are you without someone else�s eyes?

this change I been feeling
doesn�t make the rain fall

I was just killing the 19 minutes until I can call my brother.

10:11 a.m. - 2002-11-17


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