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i hurt some where.

i can't figure out where... or when the injury was inflicted.

i just know that i hurt.

maybe it's just the weather, that the cold had finally got into my bones. maybe it's that i'm trapped here. maybe it's the fact that i can't get out of my desks without a break. maybe it's too much responsibility. maybe it's my apathy.

maybe i really can't have sex without an emotional attachment.

i thought about that, and do you think you lose a piece of yourself? do you give them something, something important? is it really sharing or just taking? do i take? or do i give?

and, when you love someone, and that love isn't returned, does it make the love that you give "unconditional"?

how many people say they love someone, but say it out of obligation? guilt?

4:47 p.m. - 2002-01-30


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