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Missing: Inspiration.

Would that I could give you the feeling that crept into my chest at approximately 12:30 this afternoon, after I passed the traffic jam, heading west on I-80, listening to music and enjoying the sense of dry, while I knew that it wouldn't last.

Would that I could have bottled it when I realized what it was so that the next time I feel unloved and unimportant, I could shoot it up and sit back.

Would that I could have that 10 seconds to live over and over again, like those rare perfect moments in your life.

Would that I could write more, but I'd never put anything that has happened to me into words that would form pictures that would paint an accurate enough scene of my current life.

. . .

As we say at my house:

Happy Festivus.

Even when no one loves you, I do.

11:22 p.m. - 2003-12-24


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