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Hard to turn down making out in the parking lot at work.


I forgot I had a diary.

There's not much to write about. I mean, there's just nothing worth mentioning.

Except I had kind of a brilliant idea about the hows and whys behind my relationships, now that enough of them are truly over to see. I used to have a joke about being a traveling self esteem machine, able to raise one's opinion of themselves in a couple of days, and it seems maybe I wasn't that far off.

. . .

"[Boy I've been 'dating']'s a lucky man. If I didn't have a thing against women who smoked, I would have stolen your heart long ago."

Let the record reflect: I haven't had this much male attention, in like, F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

Forgive me for enjoying it.

. . .

"You missed the fishnets today."

"Yeaah. I'm sorry."

"Me too. They're hot. Actually, in C's words, they're really, really fucking hot."


"You'll have to ask him about them tomorrow. [pause] No, actually, I'm going to call him and ask him to tell you about them tomorrow."

11:10 a.m. - 2003-12-10


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