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[Rosie Noises]

I've become Laid Back at some point in time. Sure, I get retarded excited, but the angry times are few.

Yesterday, I started to flip out when I realized I had made my face so monsterous. But then I figured out I can't draw things or paint things the wrong way, because there is no wrong way if that's how I see it. So posting that was a big deal to me.

I'm debating in my head if visable nipples are okay if you're just going to put a life jacket over the top of them. Because I bought a new razor back tank top to go kayaking in, and it's white. And, you can see everything if you look. It doesn't help that I'm super sensitive about my nipples (I think they're HUGE).

Also, I'd like to know why they don't make swim trunks for girls? Not that I really care, since I bought a boys pair, I was just wondering.

And why, when I decided boys were a waste of time, are they climbing out of the goddamned wood work?

I'd like to have chocolate cake for dinner, in bed, while watching The Breakfast Club for the 6th time in a week, and playing footsie under the covers.

Everything I paint looks like a cartoon. So, I think I need a job doing cartoons, or better, I should have had a job coloring in Jane Jetson.

3:28 p.m. - 2003-07-29


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