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I am insane, you understand?

That this is me, and there are people who want to converse with a person who would write this, that is not understandable to me. Not that I believe there's anything wrong with me, aside that I'm insane, it's just that these are the parts you'd never see, if we shared a bed.

Because you can't mix these. It's impossible, and I know I just wiped blue all over my face. [I don't wash my hands after I paint, I leave them dirty so I can smell the oils and stare at the colors, but tonight it's only blue.]

It's impossible. I've tried, and maybe you understand that. I tried with everything I had, all of it.

But what kind of person quits their job because they're sick of it?

Fuck. This sucks. I'm sorry you read it.

Just, fuck.

I don't know.

Get out of my head and let me eat my ice cream in peace.

7:23 p.m. - 2003-07-28


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