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There's always a siren.

I should tell you this, before I forget. Because I fell in love with you yesterday, but you know, it was just the words I saw on the screen.

As I moved across and down, I had the little jump in my chest, and the small sigh that escapes afterwards.

I did. And, I wanted you to know, before I forget and get lost in someone else, someone else's words.

Before this song that's been threatening to take me under, away, sweep its influence over the rest of my life. I've always wanted a moment when it takes two people under in the same place. But, I've always just had my headphones on to block the noise your mouth makes.

Broken branches trip me as I speak.

Dear God, are all of Radiohead's songs orgasms? I'm sorry. I can't do anything but listen to this on repeat.

5:26 p.m. - 2003-07-25


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