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It's just time for me to rest my head.

I like the beginning of this song, because it has the plink plink plink of an Everclear song.

I don't know what to write, because while I'm still lonely, it's been toned down, and has become dim. And, maybe it's because I have new friends, but maybe it's because I stopped caring.

Because, what good comes of me feeling out of place, misunderstood, and generally left out? Things Un-Good have become null in my life.

Here goes everything making me sad. I'm done. Completely sick of wasting my life in a spiral of choosing to stay, rather than just go, because the comfort of my down was easier than tossing it away.


Maybe. Just maybe, what happened was I decided what I wanted out of life last week. Maybe it just clicked, and I remembered the point of my life is to be happy. And, I want and need the things that make me happy.

Ice cream, singing in the car, sleeping in, sun shine, music, showing cleavage, toes, Coke, cigarettes, clean sheets, a job I love, friends I love, and more music.

I'm not going to settle on a You that's too far away to bring me flowers, or a You that's too hung up on stuff, a You that isn't able to stay.

See me shelter myself. You know what I am able to give... it's all here. That's all I'll ever promise someone.

In one night, when I know it's time, I would just tell you everything. I would talk and talk, until the sun came back up, then we would fall asleep, and I wouldn't have to worry about anything any more, because I would have talked it all out of me.

I could tell you how I can keep doing this.

Surely, you'd catch frogs with me.

11:00 p.m. - 2003-07-23


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