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Letter to the editor.

Dear Everything That Is Holy To Me:

Including, but not limited to: Marlboros and their lovely "extra" chemicals, Vanilla Coke, my annoying, but loyal cat, my car, and every one of my CD's, the sex I am not getting, and the .9 seconds before a kiss that means something


First, please grant me the grace to deal wiith my father's future wife. Please, as she tries my patience like no other, and is as dense as a tree. So, let me remember my manners, and respect my mother raised me with, in order to act like the lady I am not. Let me act with a cool head, and cooler shoulders, and prevent myself from an all out confrontation with my father over the balls he has lost in this partnership.

Thank you.

Secondly, thank you for the small concession of the activities I have participated in today, albeit, the small activities. Drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, your extrordinary heat, and the blessing of music.

Finally, I believe I have learned all that I need to of solitude. While I understand this is not for me to determine, I am quite tired of it. I do not need for anyone else's definition, I have little desire for someone else to care for me, and do not want for only physical companionship. This said, I am sure you are aware of the need for true understanding from another individual, on all aspects of existence; mental, physical, and emotional. It is to that awareness I am writing this.

See, my eyes have grown warped from looking at myself for so long, my heart likely bent from feeling for so long, and my mind surely darkened from thinking, of everything before now. It is necessary to move on from this stage.

Your prompt response to these matters is greatly appreciated.



9:32 p.m. - 2003-07-12


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