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The Girl Least Likely To.

1.} What are three things you are proud of?

A) I am mostly most proud of selling Perception at a gallery, and not on Ebay. B) Never deciding not to do something because I was afraid. C) My journalism teacher in high school telling my parents, "Carie questions authority with respect."

2.} What's the longest period of time you've gone without speaking? Could you ever do it for a year, say for some vast amount of money?

Hahaha!! I think a few hours. After that, I start talking to myself. The longest I've been without speaking to another human... 2 weeks.

3.} You get to live one day of your life over and over, Groundhog Day style. What person {who wouldn't know about the days repeating} would you want to spend it with?

This is hard. I can base this answer off of the people I've already met, or a person I haven't met yet. I would say the only person I could do this with, and not kill, would be my brother. The first option, the one that flew to my head immediately after reading the question, was my most recent exboyfriend.

4.} A certain author invites you to come 'have his babies' {so to say}. Evil fairy-tale-bargain-type-part is that you can never read anything he has written. Would you do it?

No. That would be like falling in love with a musician, and never being able to listen to their music again. We all know I've a weakness for words. Now, I need to listen to some Morrissey.

5.} Parker Posey is going to play you in the movie of your life. Who's going to write the screenplay and who will direct?

Oooh. Screenplay: John Hughes. Director: First answer: Hal Hartley. Upon further thought: Tim Burton. But, obviously, if Hughes is writing, he'd have to direct too, no? So, let's go with Hal Hartley on both. He has a way with bizarre conversations. Get over it, Henry.


Kisses to this girl

9:46 p.m. - 2003-07-04


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