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Final yawn.

It's hard, and the easy parts are hard, the hard parts harder.

I can't keep your schedule. My back hurts from this chair, and I'm tired, because I'm always tired these days.

But I waited. So don't wait, we both shouldn't wait.

I wanted it to come out for you, I wanted to prove that I could continue, not miss a page, and it would all be the same. I wanted easy transition, and I wanted some words, caught in throats.

Everything I own is earned. I've paid for everything, nearly in full. Everything I have is near, that's true.

Everything is up in the air. Everything is play it by ear, and we'll see, and sometime soon. I can pin nothing down to anything, uncertainty is just rampant.

You could go any where, any time
And find someone
But how will you know if he's kind

Surrender exhausts me, that's what I wanted to tell you. That's the world that fails me when I tell you everything will be okay.

You could go all day
And not make a sound

I would have held you tonight, had my arms been long enough, just to make sure you were still there, near.

10:31 p.m. - 2003-02-21


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